7 Real Estate Ideas That Deserve to Die

Conventional wisdom dies hard. Popular perceptions may drive the decisions you make about your real estate career, from how you market your business to what your office should look like. But longstanding beliefs—these days amplified by social media bubbles and spin—can be flat wrong. Through research, crowdsourcing, and interviews with industry experts known for their skeptical eye, we uncovered some of the most questionable dogmas, along with reasons they should be dismissed. Reconsidering these ideas may embolden you to challenge other dubious notions you encounter as you serve clients and manage your career.

1. DIY tendencies will lead to more FSBOs.

Today’s do-it-yourself culture—driven largely by the explosion of information available on the internet—is not causing more people to try to sell their homes on their own, despite fears to the contrary. If you examine the news reports about the supposed rise in FSBO sales, the “evidence” for the trend usually comes from people running websites with names like and

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