Moments When Clients Don’t Want You to Text

Communicating with your customers may be faster and simpler via text message, but there are certain times during the transaction when they need to hear your voice.

Sending a text to a client might have more consequences than you think. Clear communication is the cornerstone of any relationship, and usually, the more detailed you can be in your message, the less chance there is for misunderstanding between you and your customer. So brief texts—which might inadvertently strike the wrong tone during a serious moment in a transaction—can easily lead to disgruntled clients and lost business.

“Texts can be misread and misunderstood because they’re to the point and can be taken out of context,” says Nicole Bunbury Sjowall, broker-owner at Bunbury & Associates, REALTORS®, in Madison, Wis. Although texting may be good for providing quick updates to clients, she adds, it can come off as a cold and detached form of communication.

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