The Billion Dollar CRE Tech Idea That You Won’t Execute

As usual a bold and ridiculous statement for me right? What possible billion-dollar tech idea might I have that no one else has thought of and executed? And if it is an original idea why don’t I just go do it and not give it to the entire world? Well, that’s me being me, “giving back “as they say and playing it forward. You surmise that it must be difficult, technical and far beyond most in understanding and complexity or it would have already been done. It’s that hard things that most don’t or won’t do that create the most value correct?

I think not so let’s get right to it. Here it is step by step.

Duke’s Billion Dollar #CRETech Idea.

Create a website with a clean simple landing page that has a box that simply states: Input your property, click here. The next page is a form that allows the user to input. I say allows the USER to input property information. Information that the site will verify as legitimate in about 5 minutes.

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