Designers Share 15 Timeless Choices for Your Kitchen Remodel

Second-guessing every last decision? Top designers are here to help, offering advice on designing a kitchen that will stand the test of time.

Simple Backsplash Tile

Interior designer Jenn Feldman says the smartest choice in a kitchen remodel is a simple, clean backsplash tile. Instead of going trendy with your backsplash, let your cabinets steal the show. “Even though cabinetry and custom millwork are one of the largest investments in a kitchen renovation project, paint upgrades don’t have to be. Think about going bold with an accent color on kitchen cabinetry. It’s a fresh, contemporary and youthful spin on modern kitchen design that gives so much personality to the space, especially when it can be seen through other openings and rooms within the house,” she says. “No one ever complains that their kitchen tile is too white and clean! But chances are if your design taste changes down the road, in time it will be much easier to upgrade your kitchen with a paint refresh on the cabinetry than it would be to replace the tile.”

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