2018 Best Places to Retire Methodology

The Best Places to Retire rankings are intended to help people narrow their choices of where to live in retirement. Without question, individual preferences and family proximity weigh heavily in choosing where to retire. But there are similarities in what retirees and future retirees want, regardless of where they live today. In preparing the 2018 Best Places to Retire rankings we surveyed pre-retirees (age 45–59) and retirement-age individuals (age 60+) for guidance on what matters most to them. These groups are our target audiences, and our goal is to provide them with an approachable, useful place to start planning for retirement.

1. Sarasota, Florida

Warm temperatures year-round, award-winning beaches and a thriving arts and cultural scene have made Sarasota a go-to place for retirees and families, not to mention a handful of celebrities (including Stephen King and Rosie O’Donnell). This southwest Florida region, which is about an hour from Tampa and two hours from Orlando, continues to attract new residents with great restaurants and plenty of shopping options.

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