3 strategies for disguising your TV in plain sight

The television plays a crucial part in our day-to-day lives, so it’s important to keep its placement in mind when planning out a room. Given the shape and massive size of today’s TVs, the big screen has become a massive eyesore without many places to go other than smack dab in the center of a wall. If this is sounds familiar, get ready to get inspired by these three inventive tricks to hide your TV in plain sight.

1. Camouflage it with a black wall. One lone rectangular block of black in a room can create a striking feature that is unfavorable in many designs. By extending the dark hue across a bigger space, you can create a fun accent wall and play down the glaring, shiny black electronic screen. All it requires is a bucket of paint from your local hardware store and a little know-how on basic painting techniques.

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