Tech startup StreetWire wants to be the true north of property data

The NYC company is using the blockchain system behind digital currencies to speed up and secure transactions.

Anyone who’s gone through the process of renting, buying, or selling a home knows how much of a hassle–and potential security risk–it is. You end up disclosing loads of information about yourself, most of it seen by several people you just met, and still the transaction can take a long time. And after all that, you have a home, which is great! But all the data you collected about yourself usually goes into paper folders and needs to be painstakingly updated the next time you sell or buy again. Enter StreetWire, a new, New York City-based property tech startup that uses blockchain technology–the same type of system of virtual ledgers spread across multiple people’s computers that underpins Bitcoin and Ethereum and many other cryptocurrencies–in an effort to make real estate transactions faster and more secure.

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