How Flipping Houses Helps Veterans Transition to Civilian Life

Not long after ending his time served in the Marines in 2004, Andy Williams found himself looking for work and struggling to find a way back into civilian life. Three years and several deployments with an anti-terrorism security fleet later, he met Ashley in Iraq, whose four years of service in the Army was about to come to a close and who was also unsure of how to move forward with her own impending transition.

As is the case for many veterans returning to civilian life, the transition for Andy and Ashley was a bit rocky. They struggled to find stable, fulfilling work that allowed them to stay home — without months-long deployments — and start a family.

“I got a new job and immediately my job said, ‘You’re great, you do your job awesome, but you’re too intense,’” Ashley says. “She said I didn’t fit the culture because I was too direct.”

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