LEGO vs Architecture: BBC Film Explains How It’s All Connected

Can you even call yourself an architect if you don’t have an old box of LEGO that you can’t bare to throw out stored away in an attic somewhere?

LEGO has become a part of architecture’s collective conscience – an inspiration, a modeling tool, a nostalgic driver, a raison d’être for architects who grew up piecing worlds together and imagining alternative realities. With the completion of BIG’s LEGO House in Billund, LEGO is once again in the spotlight. But, as this short documentary explains, it never really left.

Lego – The Building Blocks of Architecture, explores the history of LEGO and its relationship to architecture, from its humble origins with carpenter Ole Kirk Kristiansen in Nazi-occupied Denmark, to modernist ideals, to Olafur Eliasson’s social art endeavor – The Collectivity Project. A consistent idea is the application of pre-fab as an interpretation of LEGO in architecture – breaking architecture down into small parts and piecing them together on site.

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