6 Clever Hacks for Landing Your Dream Apartment

Outsmart the rental-search woes with these techy tips and tricks.

Finding a new apartment is a time-intensive process. It typically takes an average of 2 ½ months and includes plenty of paperwork, research and calling potential landlords. In fact, according to a 2016 study, 82 percent of adults say moving is somewhat stressful or very stressful — more stressful than getting a root canal, being trapped in an elevator or doing your taxes.

It doesn’t have to be this way, though. Savvy renters are finding inventive ways to automate the most onerous parts of their apartment search — from outsourcing listing research to setting up automatic new-listing notifications.

Here are 6 easy ways to streamline your next apartment search:

1. Create notifications for new listings that match your criteria

Timing is everything — especially when it comes to landing your next dream apartment. Zillow’s listing database is updated daily, so save your search, and choose to receive real-time notifications or daily emails whenever new listings match your criteria.

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