Something in the air: The new utility, Wi-Fi informs commercial real estate needs

Businesses would never think of building a new structure without plumbing or electricity, but a third utility has come into play in the last couple of years, and that’s connectivity: the infrastructure necessary for adequate cell phone service and wireless internet.

“The amount of use and number of users has rapidly increased in the past two years, so a lot of places are making the leap from ‘nice-to-have’ to ‘need-to-have,’” said Bob Hagarman, director of wireless business development at Business Information Group in York.

Hagarman said many companies are adding infrastructure to handle the coverage their employees need in order to have a good user experience on the devices they use to do their jobs. “The internet and your cell phone are the things you use hardest besides the lights and water,” he said.

Even networks installed just a few years ago may struggle to keep up with the demand and continue to provide the level of service businesses expect.

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