What to expect when you’re Connecting: Networking

As the name suggests, our Inman Connect conference isn’t just about great speakers, sessions and learning. It’s about building relationships, meeting new friends, and making those in-person connections to help you grow your business. With Inman Connect New York right around the corner in January, it’s never too early to start planning who you’d like to meet, and how you’re going to best use your time during the week.

There’s a wealth of networking opportunities already baked into the program, from the ever-popular Cocktails at Connect to our Influencer Bash, right through to our new Hot Seat Coaching sessions, the numerous vendor evening parties, and even just spending time in Startup Alley with those reinventing the way business is done.

But how do you best prepare for all this great networking you’ll experience? We’ve prepared 10 thoughts that will help you get the most out of your time with us in January.

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