Profound Changes Coming to the Global Retail Property Sector

The Future Includes Tailored Consumer Experiences, Anytime, Any Place, with Robots

According to new insights released by CBRE this week at the MAPIC retail real estate conference in Cannes, France, the retail industry of 2030 will provide tailored experiences for individual customers across any channel, at any place and at any time using data analytics and new technology. These changes will have a profound impact on the global retail property sector as well.

CBRE’s Future of Retail | 2030 series examines 40 “futurist” insights of how the global retail market will function in 2030 amid changes in customers’ lifestyles, urban environments, retail operations logistics, technologies and other trends affecting the industry. After outlining the first eight trends at MAPIC, CBRE will reveal the next 32 over the coming weeks.

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