9 Thanksgiving Fails to Never, Ever Try at Home

From dishes to decorations, people love to go all-out for Thanksgiving. Whether you’re hosting the big meal at your house or bringing a side dish to share, now is the time when folks are known to pull out all the stops.

But beware—the higher you aim, the further you can fall. As proof, we present the following Thanksgiving fails below, courtesy of our pals at Instagram. Our cascade of cautionary tales runs the gamut from hellish home decor snafus to malicious meal-killers. Once you’re done cringing, make your list of things not to do for the holidays.

1. Don’t forget to set a timer

It doesn’t matter if this is your first or 50th time roasting a turkey, the cardinal rule of cooking is to always set a timer. Especially on Thanksgiving Day, when you could get lost in conversation or sucked into watching the football game, a timer counting down the minutes until you should check the bird could save you from this terribly toasty disaster.

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