When Your Listing Has a Stray

Although she’s clearly a collie, Lassie she ain’t. Dirty, bedraggled, and frightened, she’s camped out on the front porch of your new listing and not adding a cent to the property values of the neighborhood. There’s also what appears to be a stray Rottweiler one block over who has the run of the neighborhood, and that could mean puppies in everyone’s future. According to the North Shore Animal League of America, it only takes around six years for one female dog and her offspring to bring forth a mind-boggling total of 67,000 animals.

These situations don’t happen to real estate professionals very often, and most say when they do encounter it, it’s in less urbanized areas. But unstable climates and severe weather events plaguing much of the country means more agents will wind up with injured, traumatized, and lost animals near their listings, even if their properties are not officially in an emergency zone. Animals often desert their homes before their owners are aware of the dangers of the situation, meaning record heat waves, speedily spreading fires, floods, and hurricanes are creating legions of lost pets.

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