I celebrated holidays in a trailer. Don’t put it down, it was home.

The holidays are a time when many of us reflect on the meaning of home. But the fact is that not all homes are created, or valued, equally.

Take the manufactured home, otherwise known as a mobile or trailer home. There is no American dwelling more disrespected. They’re derided as “tornado magnets,” and they serve as the butt of plenty of jokes and derogatory terms about low-income, rural people.

For me, this gets personal. I grew up in manufactured housing, first in a singlewide trailer next to my family’s trading post on a Navajo reservation, and later in a brand new doublewide in a New Mexico trailer park. I never knew there was anything wrong with that. It was where my mom was, where I did my homework, where we shared Thanksgiving dinner and put up our Christmas tree. We lived comfortably, with dignity, and it had nothing to do with the public’s attitude toward the physical structure of our house.

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  1. This is so true. These homes are painted with a broad brush by the public, but in truth they vary by location, layout, and management. Not that it should matter, because home is home, but they can be as upscale as many traditional homes.

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