Diversity at Redfin in 2017

Each year, we publish a report on gender, racial and ethnic diversity at Redfin. In the past, this report has also included a comparison of pay for men and women, but we’re now publishing the pay report separately in April. For brevity, this report doesn’t detail our support for other types of diversity, in age, political opinions, sexual orientation, military service, mental health or physical ability, but it’s important for us to attract talent of all types to Redfin.

Gender Diversity

First, let’s discuss gender diversity. Our technology team, which includes engineers, product managers and product designers, has continued to increase its representation of women, from 25% in 2015, to 30% in 2016, to 32% in 2017. This level of representation is still below half, but it compares well to Apple, which is at 23%, Facebook at 19%  and Google at 20%.

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