10 Steps for Writing Your Real Estate Agent Biography

Don’t overlook the persuasive power of your biography to help build on your personal brand and connect with clients. If you don’t consider your real estate agent biography to be a fundamental tool in reaching potential clients, the time to change is now! A strong bio can attract new clients, lay the groundwork to build interpersonal relationships, and offer potential clients a reason to trust you. By seeing you’re a real person, they’ll see you as more than just a real estate agent – you’ll transcend to the status of real person with family and hobbies all your own. Whether you write your own bio, or hire someone to do it, here are 10 steps to make it outstanding.

Step 1: Include Professional Experience

You’re the expert when it comes to real estate, so show it off! A well-rounded biography should include your skills, expertise, education (certificates, degrees, diplomas, classes taken, etc.), experience, and awards. Generate a list of facts you want to include, but don’t go overboard! If you find yourself with a long list of facts, narrow it down to only the best achievements and include those in your biography.

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