5 DIY Tips to Help Increase the Value of Your Home

With so many other houses for sale on the market today and fees for selling the house on the rise, fixing up the house the right way can go a long way in getting the highest possible offers. Regardless of the selling price, the realtor takes a cut, there will be attorney fees, taxes, and possible repair bills. Getting the maximum dollar amount for your home means you will get to keep more money once everyone takes their share.

These are 5 DIY tips to help increase the value of your home:

1. Improving Curb Appeal – It might come as a surprise to many homeowners that potential buyers are driving by their house all hours of the day. The internet makes it easier for these folks to find houses for sale, so they drive by when it is convenient for them. If the curb appeal of the house is less than inviting, many potential buyers cross that house off the list assuming the inside is cared for as little as the outside. When you are trying to get maximum dollar for the house, cleaning up the exterior is a must.

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